Mineral deposit maps

Gold and Silver

Portugal has a decent amount of deposits of the precious metals gold and silver. On the map gold is the yellow dots and silver is the grey dots, the bigger the dot the larger the deposit.


Portugal has some of the most lithium out of any European country, on this map the colour indicated the type of deposit and the shape its activity status. Blue means rare metal granite deposit, orange means greisen deposit, red means Pegmatite-aplite deposit. A circle means a closed deposit, triangle means a not exploited deposit, square means active deposit.


There are quite a few clay deposits in Portugal, the bigger the dot, the bigger the deposit. A good portion of currently active mines in Portugal are clay mines.


There are a lot of uranium deposits in Portugal, there also used to be significant uranium mining activity, the radiation from those mines is sometimes a problem with water filling the mines and washing away the uranium.


As you can see Portugal has a boatload of tin, tin has been mined in Portugal for ages and still is.


Portugal also has a boatload of tungsten, especially compared to other European nations, it was mined extensively in the 1900s and still is mined but less so than back then. As always, bigger symbol bigger deposit.

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